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I really love colour, but find it really difficult to use in everyday life and I tend to stick to just a few colours.

Colour Lovers have done a post on Vintage Motel Rooms from the 50’s and 60’s, they look great.


Hamburger Banhof Museum

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Is the reason to go to Berlin!

I highly recommend anyone that is in Berlin or has a chance to go to go to the Hamburger Banhof Museum. You will not regret it!

I went there two weeks ago, and I loved it! I only got to spend a few hours there, but if you can it’s well worth spending at least half a day there, if not longer.

I saw to the Walton Ford exhibition (Ive previously posted about him), which I’d never heard off, and nearly found my self crying at two of his pieces. I love art, but it’s NEVER really touched me on another level. But Walton Ford really did.

The art displayed in the museum is contemporary, and some of it I didn’t really get, but there’s something about walking around the place that just inspires me. Kind of like how I feel when I’m t the V&A.

Some pics:

Walton Ford – Pancha Tantra

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– Scipio & the Bear

When we went to Berlin for the Transmediale festival I went to the Hamburger Banhof Museum (which was GREAT!) and saw an exhibition by Walton Ford called Pancha Tantra. Meaning:

‘Collection of Indian beast fables written in Sanskrit that has had extensive circulation throughout the world. The original work, now lost, may have been written down between 100 BC and AD 500. A textbook for instructing three sons of a king, it contained aphorisms that glorify shrewdness and cleverness over altruism. As early as the 11th century one version reached Europe, where it was known as The Fables of Bidpai (for the narrator, an Indian sage).’ – –

Which is exactly what Walton Ford has done. Using water colour’s, he has painted fables, facts and inquiry’s, creating surreal and slightly disturbing representations of documented accounts between humans and animals. I really enjoyed the exhibition, and have found it to be a huge inspiration for my animal project. I bought the book off of ebay, so I’m just waiting to receive that so I car read it. I’ll post some entries from it as soon as it arrives.

– The Island

– Tiger & Lion

McFaul Studio Talk

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Today we had MacFaul come and talk to us at our uni, John actually started the course I’m on. I found the talk really inspiring, I don’t particuarly like their illustration style, but I really admire their work ethic. Above all i just found my self sitting there, thinking I really need to start working harder, and that I need to get my self out there more. So this is the main reason for the blog.

Kinetica Art Fair

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I went to the Kinetica Art Fair in London today, and it was GREAT! Full of ideas and inspiration. Check out the website.

Here are some pics:


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The Transmediale festival held in Berlin from 2-7 Feb was last week.

Most of these were taken by my friend Evelina, so all the wicked pics are hers! Here are some pics of the event: