Walton Ford – Pancha Tantra

Posted in Design, Exhibitions & Museums by Sophie Kinnane on February 10, 2010

– Scipio & the Bear

When we went to Berlin for the Transmediale festival I went to the Hamburger Banhof Museum (which was GREAT!) and saw an exhibition by Walton Ford called Pancha Tantra. Meaning:

‘Collection of Indian beast fables written in Sanskrit that has had extensive circulation throughout the world. The original work, now lost, may have been written down between 100 BC and AD 500. A textbook for instructing three sons of a king, it contained aphorisms that glorify shrewdness and cleverness over altruism. As early as the 11th century one version reached Europe, where it was known as The Fables of Bidpai (for the narrator, an Indian sage).’ – –

Which is exactly what Walton Ford has done. Using water colour’s, he has painted fables, facts and inquiry’s, creating surreal and slightly disturbing representations of documented accounts between humans and animals. I really enjoyed the exhibition, and have found it to be a huge inspiration for my animal project. I bought the book off of ebay, so I’m just waiting to receive that so I car read it. I’ll post some entries from it as soon as it arrives.

– The Island

– Tiger & Lion


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    […] saw to the Walton Ford exhibition (Ive previously posted about him), which I’d never heard off, and nearly found my self crying at two of his pieces. I love art, […]

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